Friday, October 16, 2015

My Important "Twenty-Something" Experiences

My birthday is tomorrow, everyone!  Now that I'm about to turn 30, I'm looking back on what I did with my twenties.  Have I done all the "twenty-something" things that Society and The Media and Mindy Kaling have taught me to do in that decade?  In honor of my last day of being 29, here are 29 things (in no particular order) that I've done that I think qualify:
  1. Lived in a major U.S. city
  2. Lived by myself in a (different) major U.S. city
  3. Bought real furniture (okay...Ikea furniture mostly...but the fancy LACK's or MALM's up in this hizz-ouse) and also a rug and throw pillows and a cedar chest
  4. Hosted multiple legit dinner parties
  5. Went speed-dating
  6. Went to two real weddings as an actual invited guest (not like one of those Mormon "invite everyone with a refrigerator" open reception ordeals).  One was a Mormon temple sealing, the other one was a gay I guess I have yet to attend a stereotypical bride-and-groom-walk-down-the-aisle-and-afterwards-you-eat-chicken-or-fish wedding.
  7. Was a bridesmaid (twice, but only disliked the dress once)
  8. Kissed a guy for the first time (okay...maybe this isn't a "trademark 20's experience," but better late than never!)
  9. Got to be someone's first kiss (this was something I didn't think would happen in my 20's outside of some weird fantasy scenario where it's World War 1 and I'm a fancy French prostitute that all the young American GI's visit so they can "become men"...I swear this was a movie with Matthew Broderick)
  10. Kissed a guy on the top of the Empire State Building*
  11. Kissed a guy who was not currently my boyfriend (although it's less exciting knowing that he had been my boyfriend previously)**
  12. Got my heart seriously broken...but later got over it
  13. Moved to a tropical island following getting my heart seriously broken
  14. Chose the "dream job" over the "dream guy" (who ended up not being the dream guy--quite the opposite, actually--so good call there)
  15. Got dumped
  16. Did the dumping
  17. Made a determined plan to keep a relationship with a man platonic but ended up falling in love with him anyway
  18. Met his parents and spent many major holidays and family events with his family and then took him home to meet my family
  19. Got freaking ENGAGED!!!!!!
  20. Pierced my ears (again...better late than never)
  21. Felt the joy in rebelling against my father's wishes by putting holes in my body
  22. Graduated college
  23. Got a master's degree
  24. Actually used the master's degree
  25. Felt the overwhelming terror that comes from the knowledge that I still have to finish paying for the master's degree
  26. Started a PhD
  27. Went to multiple rock concerts (and by multiple I mean three...but my cochlear hair cells...)
  28. Met my favorite artist following a rock concert
  29. Spent more on a piece of clothing than on groceries

*Mindy Kaling definitely would approve of this one.
**This is making it seem like I've kissed way more guys than I actually have.  But according to Society, being in your twenties means kissing pretty much everyone, doesn't it?

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