Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why I'm Moving to Hawaii

I'm moving to Hawaii in less than a month, guys.

For 99% of you reading this blog title, you're probably thinking, Why not move to Hawaii?  Well, I've never been too keen on the whole "fun in the sun" mentality with the sand and the surf and the grass skirts and coconut brassieres.  (I hate fun, okay?  Sue me.)  Also, it's 5848 miles away from Boston and everybody I love/like/tolerate* and it's basically a huge volcano in the middle of the ocean and milk is $8/gallon** and I'm probably going to get skin cancer or eaten by a shark or attacked by a "territorial surfer" or something terrible like that.  So why am I moving to Hawaii?  Here's why:
  • I've been offered an amazing job.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I'll be working in a giant forensic anthropology lab identifying remains of unknown Korean War soldiers.  Not only is it the best possible thing I can do for my career as a forensic anthropologist (casework galore and networking like crazy), but it's good and noble "America" work (cue Lee Greenwood).  If there can be one fewer "Unknown" grave because of me, it'll be worth it.
  • I have no other job prospects.  What I do have is a terrifying amount of student loans to pay back.  The salary with this job will allow me to take a big chunk out of those so I can become the type of person with a non-risky credit score.
  • I've never done anything like this before.  All the people I love/like/tolerate have done all of these amazing studies abroad or "for the heck of it" worldly travels, and I've never done anything or been anywhere.  I've been to Canada once, and that's about it.  Even though I'm going for a job, the idea of moving out in the middle of the Pacific and having all sorts of adventures is kind of exciting and will be a good thing to have on my life resume.
  • I'll probably never do anything like this again.  I'm a (relatively) young single adult with no real responsibilities right now.  When I come back, I'll be (hopefully) going to school, and maybe arranging my life in such a fashion that I'll be starting to "settle down."  Can't really up and move to Hawaii for a year then, can I?  Basically, this is my best and last chance.
  • I feel okay about it.  This is not to say that I'm not nervous or scared or sad about leaving--there's going to be a lot of "newness" and anxiety associated with my move, and I basically burst into tears at least once a week--but I don't think being nervous/scared/sad about something necessarily makes a thing not the right thing to do (I could explain this in a more "churchy" fashion, but I don't think I will). So I'm going.
In terms of logistics, I fly to Honolulu on June 15th, and I'm slowly working on minimizing my stuff to the point where I don't have to spend all of my "dislocation" allowance on getting stuff across the ocean.  As of right now, I am not having a "going away" party, because frankly, I'm going to be a basketcase for the entire last week I'm in Boston and will not be fit for public viewing.  Also, nothing will have quite the "finale vibe" that I'm looking for or in any way measure up to Kristen Wiig's departure from SNL.***  But if I like you enough, we can do the whole "goodbye" thing.  I've given my roommates permission to throw a party after I'm gone.  You know, like a wake.

Updates to come, I guess.  Until then, Aloha?

*You know where you fall on this spectrum.
**This doesn't really personally affect me since I'm kind of lactose intolerant and wouldn't be buying milk by the gallon anyway.  My point is, stuff is expensive, yo.
***I cried so much when I watched this.  Also, I'm kind of in love with Seth Meyers.  

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