Monday, January 14, 2013

Something Somewhat Optimistic

This is the story of how a tiny little rodent became the answer to a prayer that I hadn't even said yet.

It's no secret that I'm incredibly lonely here.  I don't really have friends here yet, and I just found out my roommate is moving out* so I'm about to get even lonelier.  One of the things I hate most about Hawaii is that it's so far west of and so many hours behind everyone I know that by the time I get home from work in the evenings, everyone I could possibly want to talk to is asleep already.

Tonight, after signing off Gchat with some friends and reading some scriptures for the night, I get a call from my former roommate Lindsay, who lives in Charlestown.  I wasn't too shocked to get the call, as she's usually a late-night type of gal, but in her call she said she had been asleep, and had been woken up by the sound of a mouse in her trash can.  Apparently the Charlestown apartment is infested with mice, much more severely than last fall.**  As all of the other roommates were asleep, she tried to figure out who might still be awake whom she could call for mouse advice.  So she called me.

I offered a few suggestions:  some humane (move the trash can into the laundry room and deal with it in the morning), some not (put it outside and let it freeze to death; put it in the bathtub and throw a lit match in there).  I have no idea what she ended up doing, but while we were talking, I realized that it was only moments before she called me that I was lamenting my lack of human conversation.  It's definitely one of those General Conference spiritual prompting stories, but instead of a still small voice, it was a squeak and a rustle in the bottom of a trash can.

I guess I have something to be thankful for in my prayers tonight.

*She's graciously still going to pay half of the rent, thank goodness.
**Still better than roaches.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Social Pet Peeves

One or more of these things happened today.

  • When people are like, "you should have hung out with us this weekend," I'm like, "well, you should have invited me this weekend."
  • And then when people are like, "well, we'll totally invite you next time."  You know what saying that is not the same as?  Actually inviting me next time.
  • When I'm scoffing about the aforementioned things and some guy asks why I'm scoffing and I'm about to explain them in my own very articulate way, and then mid-sentence he turns to talk to some bouncy hair in a tight skirt and it's like I never existed in the first place.
Boy am I sick of the Honolulu social scene.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Music: 2013(1)

I haven't listened to a lot of music on the iTunes lately as I've been out of town and also marathoning my new(ish) Taylor Swift CD, so it hasn't changed much, but here's my Top 25:

  1. "Poison and Wine" (The Civil Wars)
  2. "Hold On" (Mary Beth Maziarz)
  3. "C'est la Mort" (The Civil Wars)
  4. "Thursday (at Olympic Studios)" (Asobi Seksu)
  5. "Shake It Out" (Florence + The Machine)
  6. "Falling" (The Civil Wars)
  7. "I Want You Back" (The Civil Wars)
  8. "The Call (Live in London)" (Regina Spektor)
  9. "Elsewhere" (Sarah McLachlan)
  10. "21 Guns" (OBC of American Idiot)
  11. "Snow Day" (Jeremy Messersmith)
  12. "Organ Donor" (Jeremy Messersmith)
  13. "Gravity" (Sara Bareilles)
  14. "Homeward Bound" (BYU Singers and BYU Concert Choir)
  15. "Falling Slowly" (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova)
  16. "Scientists" (Jeremy Messersmith)
  17. "Cathedrals" (Jump, Little Children)
  18. "promise Me This" (Pancho's Lament)
  19. "How" (Regina Spektor)*
  20. "Mother Mother" (Tracy Bonham)
  21. "Dance Me to the End of Love" (The Civil Wars)
  22. "Across the Universe" (Fiona Apple)
  23. "My Love" (Irie Love)
  24. "Toussaint Grey, First In Life and Death" (Jeremy Messersmith)
  25. "Skeleton Song" (Kate Nash)

*I just downloaded this song yesterday.  Impressive or pathetic?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have a plan!

No.  This is not my plan.
Whenever I tell people I'm only in Hawaii for a year (5 months, 11 days left!) they often ask where I'm going afterwards.  I usually say, "a PhD program (hopefully)," but here's the thing:  I'm leaving Hawaii in the middle of June, and school doesn't start until late August.  What am I doing in the meantime? 

I'm going back to Boston!!!

This was always a possibility floating around in my mind, but now I've officially decided to do it.  Here's why:
  1. Lots of people just move to Boston for a couple of months because it's that awesome.  I could be one of those people.
  2. My Massachusetts Learner's Permit is still valid for another year.  With hope (and probably luck, and also Ryan Davis' car) I will learn to drive and get a license.
  3. I still have stuff there.  Like a desk that my Townie replacement is currently using that I want back when I have a more permanent place to be.  If I get a driver's license, I can load that stuff up in a van and drive it to wherever I end up going to grad school (unless I end up going to BU, in which case I will drive it down the road somewhere).
I'm really glad to have a plan.  And I'm really glad that plan involves (at least) one more summer in Boston.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why I Hate Doing Chores

Don't give the mouse the freaking cookie.
Just don't.
Being home in Pennsylvania for a holiday means doing a lot of chores.  Many things I do voluntarily, and some things I get tricked into doing because, according to my mother, "nobody defrosts the freezer as well as [I] do."  And this is why I hate doing chores:  not only am I pretty awesome at doing chores, but also when I do a chore, I follow through.  All the way.  

This happened today when I defrosted the freezer.  After I finished putting away the frozen foods (and the package of ground elk meat that was in there for some reason), I decided I'd wash the pot that I used to boil the water as well as the other dishes that were in the sink.

Of course, before I could do that, I had to put the clean dishes away.

Then I noticed the cabinets were kind of messy.

Then I noticed that there were a lot of old pots and pans (the obsolete and somewhat rusty aluminium* kind) that needed to be thrown out.

Then I noticed that there were a lot of Tupperware (et al.) containers that didn't have matching lids (and vice versa).

Then, somehow, I ended up sitting on the floor surrounded by every single piece of cook- and bakeware in the kitchen as I attempted to make it all much more organized.

All this because I am so freaking amazing at defrosting the freezer.  And I still have to do the dishes.

*Yes, I used the British spelling.  It's so much more fun to say.  Aluminium.