Thursday, July 5, 2012

Restaurant Review: Teddy's Bigger Burgers

I always forget to take pictures of my food until I'm four bites in.  But this way you can see the inside of the burger better, right?
My quest continues!  While I've temporarily closed the book on Boston, I'm now out to find the Best Burger in Honolulu. listed this place at the top of the list, and my roommate said she'd been there and liked it as well.  Teddy's is a chain with multiple locations (see their website for a list), but we went to the one in Kailua.  It was a nice sixties-esque atmosphere, though very "no shirt, no shoes, no problem."  It's the kind of place where you order at the counter and they give you a pager when your food is ready.  I ordered the cheeseburger combo which came with fries and a drink and it came to about $9.50.  It took a little longer than I would have liked to get my food, but I think it was worth the wait.

In my burger quest, I've decided I need to be a little more objective with my scoring system, so here's me being as objective about food as I can be, using the A-F letter grade system.

  • Structural Integrity (does the thing fall apart and drip everywhere?):  A-.  It was a little bit drippy, but the thing stayed together.  Not messy at all.
  • Burger-to-Bun ratio (are you left with one thing but not the other at the end?):  A.  The last bite contained not only both burger and bun, but also part of a pickle.
  • Topping Quality (what toppings are there?  are they good?):  A-.  Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, and Onions.  All tasted good, and one thing I liked was that the onions were really thinly sliced so it wasn't overwhelmingly oniony.  It was also topped with "super sauce" which was a zingy and slightly spicy topping.  It was interesting, but I think I prefer Thousand Island or Russian dressing.
  • Topping Distribution (are the toppings evenly distributed?):  B-.  There was only one tomato and it was off to the side.  The pickles were also kind of localized to one side.  Normally this isn't an issue, but they were stuck to the cheese and couldn't be moved.
  • Burger Patty (a more subjective thing):  B.  It was decent, cooked medium, and flat and thin.  It tasted fine, but I've had better.
  • Fries (an integral part of the burger experience):  A.  Thick-cut and non-greasy.  They were well seasoned but not too salty.  They had a nice stand-alone quality, but there were way too many and I couldn't finish.
  • Overall:  A-.  It's kind of rough to grade the first one, because I don't know what else is out there.  I'll definitely go here again, though!

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