Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Post for Laura Taylor

She's really excited that she got lei'd today.
Laura Taylor is probably one of my favorite humans ever, and she's in Hawaii sleeping on my floor!  She is awesome, and I am awesome, but together, our combined awesomeness exceeds the sum of our individual awesomenesses.  Here are some examples:

What happened after we exchanged over a hundred emails in less than a month:
Laura Taylor
Sep 18 (1 day ago)
to me
seriously. What is up with that? Also I'm pretty sure we broke gmail...I've been trying to send emails but it doesn't work. Clearly it's the 100+ email chain that is responsible...

The conversation following my first kiss with then-beau:
11:46 AM me: Guess what?
 Laura: ???????
  no more VL?
 me: Yep.
  and you survived????????
 me: I know
11:47 AM and more importantly, he survived.
 Laura: hahahahaha
  Alex I am so proud of you.
  It's like, you're the experimental group and I'm the control group of Boston girls who don't like to be touched.
  And you have proved that this experiment WORKS.

Prepping me for my first viewing of "Star Wars" and also ranting about boys:
me: I'd better get to bed
 Laura: tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.
 me: That's tru
 Laura: your new life with STAR WARS.
 me: Yep!
5:25 PM I'm excited...except for the part that I might cut off XXXXX's hand with a light saber
  Because he totally deserves it
 Laura: I think parts might be more effective.
  that would solve that problem once and for all.
 me: Oh gosh
 Laura: just saying.
 me: Yep
5:26 PM But, he should date other he can keep his man parts

Okay, maybe we're pretty wicked, but in this case, wickedness = happiness.  Be prepared for more blog updates about our great Hawaiian adventure.

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